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Reference Goats
These beautiful goats are our current breeding stock. They are all healthy and happy, and most of them were raised in the house as babies!

Krebs Farm SRA Suzie

 Suzie is a beautiful doe with stellar milking lines, amazing topline, and excellent escutcheon area and udder. This picture shows her at about 5 months old. 

DOB: 2/13/2018
View Suzie’s pedigree.

Suzie kidded for the first time in May 2020, and produced a fantastic doeling from MT Rivendells AV Wild Bill, who will be retained at Liberty Farm. We have big plans for Suzie and her daughter!

Status: In milk.


Krebs Farm SRA Miss Cleo

Cleo is a FF in 2020 and half-sister to Suzie. This picture shows her at about 5 months old; she is now two, and ready to pass on her stellar genetics! More photos coming!

DOB: 2/12/2018
View Cleo’s pedigree.

Status: Bred to MT Rivendells AV Wild Bill

Crazy-Joy French Connection

Frenchie is our herd queen, with a spunky personality and LOTS of milk. She is the mother to two of our newest Liberty Farm kids, Wild One and Wildfire, from MT Rivendells AV Wild Bill.

DOB: 3/16/2016
View Frenchie’s pedigree

Kidding history:

2018: Single buckling
June 2019: Buck/doe twins
May 2020: Doe twins


MT RIvendells AV Wild Bill

Wild Bill is a young chocolate buck with fantastic genes. We are proud of all of his progeny, and look forward to keeping him around for a long time!

DOB: 3/21/2018
View Wild Bill’s Pedigree

Sire history:

2019: Two sets of triplets, two sets of twins (5 does, 6 bucks)
2020 (so far): One set of twins, one single (all does)


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