Goats for Sale

Our kids are registerable with the ADGA, and depending on their parents, they may also be registerable with the AGS. All of them come from excellent milking lines, with many awards for conformation and performance in their pedigrees.


Our Kids

ALL goat reservations must be accompanied with a 50% non-refundable deposit, or you may choose to pay in full up front. Goat kids are released at 8 weeks; exceptions are available for experienced homes who wish to bottle feed their kid, such as 4H families.

We have one doeling left from the Spring 2019 kids. Her name is Sparkler, and she is amazing!

View her pedigree here.




Adult Goats for Sale

MT Rivendells Tempest is available for sale!

Tempest is both blue-eyed and polled! We got fantastic babies from her this year. She is truly a stellar goat with excellent milking lines plus being a great mom.

View Tempest’s pedigree here.

2019: Bred to MT Rivendells AV Wild Bill 

This year, Tempest gave us triplets!

Sparkler (doeling): AVAILABLE
Freedom (doeling): Angel
Old Glory (buckling): SOLD

Buying from Liberty Farm

Please note the following:
– All goats purchased from Liberty Farm are able to be registered with the American Dairy Goat Association; those that are also eligible for the American Goat Society registration will come with that paperwork as well.
– All goats are sold healthy, clean, and well cared for, and we expect the same once they reach their new home.
– Your kid will be dam raised, and supplemented with bottle feeding so you’ll get cuddly little ones who will grow to be friendly, easy-to-handle goats. We do not typically release any of our babies until they are 8 weeks old. We do make arrangements for bottle babies for 4H projects, etc., but we do not sell single goat kids. All goats must be sold to a home/farm with other goats, or you must purchase a pair. Goats are herd animals and need a goat buddy.
– Your kid will be dewormed and have their ear tattoo to conform to their registration papers, as well as being disbudded if not polled.
– We welcome visits by appointment only. When you visit, please understand that we have livestock guardian dogs on duty. They are not pets — they are working. For your safety and that of our animals, we do not allow customers to physically enter the goat yard, although you may view it from outside the fence. This not only protects our herd and yours from disease transmission, but also allows our dogs to work in an environment of peace where they don’t feel as though they need to respond to a threat (you!). Feel free to ask questions about our dogs and what they do!
– If you do purchase a goat from us, PLEASE do keep in touch, send us pics of how they’re doing, and let us know if you have any questions! We love to see our babies happy in their new homes!

Feel free to contact us! We love talking about our goats!

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