Liberty Farm Does

ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

This is our current herd of does. All of our girls are spoiled rotten with lots of love and attention — some were even raised in the house for a while as babies!


MT Rivendells Tempest

Tempest is both blue-eyed and polled! We expect fantastic babies from her this year and are very excited to have MT Rivendells goats in our breeding herd. She is truly a stellar goat with excellent milking lines.

View Tempest’s pedigree here.

Bred to MT Rivendells AV Wild Bill 

In 2019, Tempest gave us triplets!

Sparkler (doeling): AVAILABLE
Freedom (doeling): Angel
Old Glory (buckling): SOLD

Tempest is FOR SALE! $300 registered.

Krebs Farm SRA Suzie

Suzie is a FF with stellar milking lines and escutcheon area. This picture shows her at about 5 months old. I’ll have updated pics soon!

DOB: 2/13/2018
View Suzie’s pedigree.

Will be bred to Gabhran Creek Finnegan in Fall 2019.

Krebs Farm SRA Miss Cleo

Cleo is a FF and half-sister to Suzie. This picture shows her at about 5 months old. More photos coming — if I can get her to stand still!

DOB: 2/12/2018
View Cleo’s pedigree.

Will be bred to MT Rivendells Wild Bill in Fall 2019.

Crazy-Joy French Connection

Frenchie is an amazing goat with a spunky personality and LOTS of milk. She has kidded twice so far.

DOB: 3/16/2016
View Frenchie’s pedigree

Bred to MT Rivendells AV Wild Bill; in June 2019 she gave us twins!

Overlord (buckling): SOLD
French Resistance (doeling): Retained


Crazy-Joy RN Little Red Waggin

Red is our herd queen, and kidded triplets in June of this year — two girls and a boy. She is also for sale! Her kids this year were amazing, and so we’ll be continuing our breeding program with her. 

DOB: 2/19/2016
View Red’s pedigree

Bred to MT Rivendells AV Wild Bill 

Normandy (doeling): SOLD
StarsAndStripes (doeling): SOLD
Big Red One (buckling): SOLD


Montana Lil Bit’s Topaz

Topaz is a solid goat that gave us twins the last two years. She is a great mom with lots of milk, and as a bonus she has some polled lines as well! Great as a family milker or breeding mama for 4H.

DOB: 4/7/2015

View Topaz’s pedigree

Bred to MT Rivendells AV Wild Bill

Wether buckling: SOLD
Wether buckling: SOLD

Topaz is FOR SALE! $250 registered.


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