Liberty Farm

ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Raised in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana

Who We Are

We raise our small herd of dairy goats in the gorgeous Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, where they’re loved, spoiled, and have fun running up and down our mountain property, guarded by the watchful eyes of Lobo and Chaos, our livestock guardian dogs. We stagger our breedings throughout the year, and so we often have kids for sale. Right now we’re also offering two of our proven does for sale as well!

Liberty Farms Montana

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Liberty 76 WB Old Glory

2019 Buckling

Liberty 76 WB Overlord

2019 Buckling

We write about our goats’ crazy adventures! 

Loki Learns to Leave the Cats Alone

Today Loki got in his second fight with one of the cats. He lost this one. Why, you might ask, is he suddenly fighting with the very animals he loves playing with?

X Factor Gets the Girls

Yesterday I put X out in the yard with the adult does to finish breeding whoever didn't succumb to his charms last go-round. Previously, all mating rituals had been done in a back breeding pen, out of sight of prying human eyes. We had an understanding, X and me. I...

X Factor’s Diary

We found a few pages of X Factor’s diary.

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